Management Commands

There are two management commands you can use with django-comments-xtd.


Since v2.8.0 there is a new attribute in the XtdComment model: nested_count. The attribute contains the number of comments nested under the comment instance.

If your project started using django-comments-xtd before v2.8.0 then you might want to feed nested_count with the correct values. The command initialize_nested_comment read your comments table and compute the correct value for nested_count for every comment.

The command is idempotent, so it is safe to run it more than once over the same database.

An example:

$ python initialize_nested_count


Management command populate_xtd_comments helps to start using django-comments-xtd when your project is based on django-comments.

Read the section Migrating to django-comments-xtd to know more about how to do the migration.