A Django pluggable application that adds comments to your project. It extends the once official Django Comments Framework with the following features:

  1. Thread support, so comments can be nested.
  2. Customizable maximum thread level, either for all models or on a per app.model basis.
  3. Optional notifications on follow-up comments via email.
  4. Mute links to allow cancellation of follow-up notifications.
  5. Comment confirmation via email when users are not authenticated.
  6. Comments hit the database only after they have been confirmed.
  7. Registered users can like/dislike comments and can suggest comments removal.
  8. Template tags to list/render the last N comments posted to any given list of app.model pairs.
  9. Emails sent through threads (can be disable to allow other solutions, like a Celery app).
  10. Fully functional JavaScript plugin using ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Remarkable and MD5.