django-comments-xtd is i18n ready. Please, consider extending support for your language if it’s not listed below. At the moment it’s available only in:

  • Dutch, nl
  • English, en (default language)
  • Finnish, fi
  • French, fr
  • German, de
  • Italian, it
  • Norwegian, no
  • Russian, ru
  • Spanish, es


This is a step by step guide to help extending the internationalization of django-comments-xtd. Install the comp example site. It will be used along with django-rosetta to help with translations.

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ git clone git://
(venv)$ cd django-comments-xtd/example/comp
(venv)$ pip install django-rosetta django-markdown2
(venv)$ python migrate
(venv)$ python loaddata ../fixtures/auth.json
(venv)$ python loaddata ../fixtures/sites.json
(venv)$ python loaddata ../fixtures/articles.json
(venv)$ python loaddata ../fixtures/quotes.json
(venv)$ python runserver

Edit the comp/ module. Add the ISO-639-1 code of the language you want to support to LANGUAGES and add 'rosetta' to your INSTALLED_APPS.

    ('nl', 'Dutch'),
    ('en', 'English'),
    ('fi', 'Finnish'),
    ('fr', 'French'),
    ('de', 'German'),
    ('no', 'Norwegian'),
    ('ru', 'Russian'),
    ('es', 'Spanish'),
    ('it', 'Italian'),



When django-rosetta is enabled in the comp project, the homepage shows a selector to help switch languages. It uses the language_tuple filter, located in the module, to show the language name in both, the translated form and the original language.

We have to create the translation catalog for the new language. Use the ISO-639-1 code to indicate the language. There are two catalogs to translate, one for the backend and one for the frontend.

The frontend catalog is produced out of the plugin-X.Y.Z.js file. It’s a good idea to run the webpack --watch command if you change the messages in the sources of the plugin (placed in the js/src/ directory). This way the plugin is built automatically and the Django makemessages command will fetch the new messages accordingly.

Keep the runserver command launched above running in one terminal and open another terminal to run the makemessages and compilemessages commands:

$ source venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ cd django-comments-xtd/django_comments_xtd
(venv)$ django-admin makemessages -l de
(venv)$ django-admin makemessages -d djangojs -l de

Now head to the rosetta page, under http://localhost:8000/rosetta/, do login with user admin and password admin, and proceed to translate the messages. Find the two catalogs for django-comments-xtd under the Third Party filter, at the top-right side of the page.

Django must have the catalogs compiled before the messages show up in the comp site. Run the compile message for that purpose:

(venv)$ django-admin compilemessages

The comp example site is now ready to show the messages in the new language. It’s time to verify that the translation fits the UI. If everything looks good, please, make a Pull Request to add the new .po files to the upstream repository.