Welcome to django-comments-xtd

A Django pluggable application that adds comments to your project. It extends the once official Django Comments Framework.


  1. Thread support, so comments can be nested.
  2. Customizable maximum thread level, either for all models or on a per app.model basis.
  3. Optional notifications on follow-up comments via email.
  4. Mute links to allow cancellation of follow-up notifications.
  5. Comment confirmation via email when users are not authenticated.
  6. Comments hit the database only after they have been confirmed.
  7. Registered users can like/dislike comments and can suggest comments removal.
  8. Template tags to list/render the last N comments posted to any given list of app.model pairs.
  9. Emails sent through threads (can be disable to allow other solutions, like a Celery app).
  10. Fully functional JavaScript plugin using ReactJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Remarkable and MD5.

Advanced Use

Once you’ve got django-comments-xtd working, you may want to know more about specific features, or check out the use cases to see how others customize it.